The Adventures of Captain Drew

The Adventures of Captain Drew Year: 2011


Captain Drew

Robot Pirates

Master Robot Pirate


Our story starts at a school. When there is a maths test. Drew is having trouble with a question. Drew is holding a crystal but something goes wrong. At the same time, the Robot Pirates return. With a tongue! Everyone forgot how to snap their fingers. Then, finally, some-one snaps their fingers. Mr. Krupp turns into CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! The robot pirates rob a bank just in time to see Captain U. pop in. A droplet of water falls from the roof and Captain Underpants turns back into Mr. Krupp. Anyway, Drew's eyes go weird and Drew Turns into Captain Drew and pulls out a map. Drew makes an entrance by riding on a log but falls into the river. Captain D. swings on a vine and attacks all the Robots. Drew teloports from Skull Mountain to Shark Bay. Captain D. chops off the Master Robot Pirate's airiel and it explodes.

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