This is non-canon because this Ben 10 comic was a Dromix production.

It starts as Albedo arguing with Bellicus and Serina to save the universe. Bellicus agrees with Albedo and he turns into his Ectonouite form but Vilgax absorbs his Ectonouite powers. Albedo tries to turn into his Pyronite form but Albedo loses all his powers to Vilgax except his Ultimates. Albedo tries to transform in to his Evolved Vaxasuarian form but fails due to Vilgax freezing him. Then, Ben appears at the scene as Fasttrack. Vilgax tries shooting him with the Destroyer Ray but Fasttrack jumps up and dodges the lazer beam and grabs Vilgax and throws him to the ground. Fasttrack then turns into Cannonbolt and rolls a hole through Vilgax while a DNA sample from the Codon Stream is scaned and unlocked (Osmosian) and accidently turns into it . Ben absorbs some steal and then turns back to his human form and uses the Nanites Rex Salazar injected him with and he finds out he has Rex's Powers and uses the Punk Busters to kick Vilgax using his Polymorph powers.